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1994 351w F-250 EEC ?

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So. I have a harness out of a '94 F-250 (the motor I rebuilt) and I am about ready to buy a computer.

Will this harness restrict me in anyway for my build? 600rwhp, Turbo build.

If the harness will work alright, can I use the F-250 computer that I have? Or should I buy a SN95 or an ECU out of a FI foxbody?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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the 94 if the same as 95-96 f250 should have the same pin out as the 94-95 mustang v8 / 91-93 tbird v8/cougar / 94-95 f150 v8

if it does which iirc it will, then your easiest option would be to use a 94-95 mustang v8 ecu (cbaza), usually you can find the better automatic ecu's for cheaper than the inferior manual trans ecu's

if you don't mind doing a little fabbing to get a 35 tooth crank trigger and a cam sensor fitted to your engine you can upgrade to an eec-v (96+ ecu) which is what I recommend since you'll have the much better EDIS ignition. If going that route then your best bet would be to go coil on plug and score an 03/04 crown vic ecu from the junkyard, you can custom tune it with tunerpro for free

also keep in mind your 94 f250 ecu would work perfectly fine it would just cost a few more bucks to create the XDF and ADX files to tune it correctly

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In response to your PM

"I have the chance to grab a 94 GT harness and ECU. Is there anything that would prevent this from working on my build? Connection to the dash harness, sensors, etc.

Very new to fuel injection wiring, I appreciate all the help!"

nope nothing, the eec-iv's are all independent, the ecu does not control anything on the dash, etc... It doesnt even prevent ignition, the ignition module will still fire without the ecu plugged in, you can use it no problem

eec-v was basically the same in 96-98 where as 99+ with digital clusters the ecu sends all the gauge data to the cluster such as vehicle speed, sometimes coolant temp, sometimes tach, etc... all else remains the same though
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