I have an original set of the DEPO 1994-98 Cobra style reproduction headlamps and an original set of Ford side markers. THESE ARE DOT APPROVED and original DEPO! not garbage like the cheap repros found on eBay today.

Selling as a complete set.

These DEPO headlamps are the ORIGINAL set made and purchased back in the mid 1990's. These also have the black interior outline to give some depth to the look of the lights. They have the original Cobra style lenses, as well as the same chrome interior and bulb deflectors as the original Ford Sylvania units. These are obsolete now and very hard to find.

The lenses show minimal wear and if you wanted them any more shiny, you can polish them yourself. These are in excellent condition and are not yellowed at all.

The headlamps and Ford side markers are not damaged at all - no cracks, no leaks. Review all pics and make them large on your screen to see the overall condition.

DEPO Headlamps do not come with the mount adjusters; you would use your own from the set you're removing and swap them over.

Bulbs not included in either set.

Asking $400.00 SHIPPPED and insured for everything.

If you want to pick up in NJ, $350.00 cash.
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