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1993 Mustang GT Convertible - Trials & Tribulations (Definitely NOT Stock!)

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I had initially thought I was going to get a build log started, update pictures, and be a proactive Fox owner……….. That was 2018, and it was only supposed to be an off season build. It’s actually been a whirlwind of a project, that turned into a multi-year and increased scope & budget project that has almost finished spiraling out of control………. Foxbody life, right?

Lucky I have pictures! I am going to start down the journey with the build from it’s infancy, through where it is today in pictures with a story to keep you all entertained whilst trying to fall asleep in bed, pass time at work or dare I say in the washroom.

The image below is of the engine compartment as it sits today. Pretty isn’t it?

This SBF turns over with the force of a lion, but alas will not start. I have been in the process of tracing every wire in the harnesses to locate why there is no spark, no fuel, and the electric fans turn on the moment the ignition switch send signal and in the on position.

To take it a step further, at the time all of the work was done (2018 through 2021) there was a wire tuck, with a new ECU system, full fuel system replace, cam, heads, intake, LT headers, electric water pump, reconfigure of pulleys, 3G conversion, new seats, new rearend, new front/rear suspension, rear arms, Cobra Brakes front & rear, manual brakes, restored the under carriage, replaced headlights, some paint, working on a new hood, and a multitude of other things we’ll get to as the story unravels………….

Before we get too deep into the pictures and story, I wanted to thank @Ed Curtis for the custom cam and the main inspiration for the build @Rock4451 – If you have not checked out his previous N.A. stock short block build before, take a few moments to do so, it’s impressive.

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Very well and tastefully done!
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I did not see mention of where you got your hood side vents. If you don’t mind sharing I’d like to know as I’ve thought about such for years but never made the leap.

Love the updates. Keep them coming!
Thanks my friend I’ll have to check those out.
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