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Never got the info. GLWS, I'm out.

Car doesnt need much, but the sunroof trim deal, and it has a crappy adjustable clutch cable, but a brand new oem Ford cable goes with the car, you just need the little reducer sleeve that goes into the firewall adjuster so you can run oem cable. Paint could use a little more cut and buffing. Car has been in friend's garage for months and never leaked a drop of oil on the ground, trans is fresh. The radio doesnt want to find stations for some reason, but it's an older JVC.

Anybody with serious inquiries, PM ME so it gets kept up with easier.

PS: The title question was in the ad, so Im wondering if you even read the ad or were ever serious anyway, especially considering the distance between here and there.

As far as wrecks go, no idea, I was told know by previous owner, no carfax, friend is slacking on remembering to give me vin.
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