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93 gt
reef blue/titanium exterior with grey/black cloth interior:

Probe Industries 342 stroker
tfs heads,intake,cam
75mm tb
83mm pro m
42lb injectors
dss main support and windage tray
mac full lengths, h-pipe,pro dumps
full aeromotive fuel system minus sumped tank
vortech t-trim(11-14lb)

D&D t-56 six speed
pro 5.0 shifter
centerforce dual friction clutch
custom shortend driveshaft
auburn pro rear end
31 spline axles
3.73 gears

baer disc brakes
front:2 piston calipers& 13" rotors
rear: 1 piston calipers& 13" rotors
all rotors are cross drilled,slotted,and zinc ,washed

griggs gr-40 suspension
griggs tubular k member and a-arms
griggs coil over f&r with koni yellows
griggs hd torque arm
griggs panhard bar
griggs lower control arms
kenny brown extreme sub frame setup

18x9 y2k cobra r wheels
front: g-force kd's 265/35
rear: g-force kd's 245/40

autometer silver gauges(2 5/8), boost and oil pressure, edelbock air/fuel ratio

I have been driving the car everyday with no problems for months. over $30,000 in parts alone! car makes easily over 500 rwhp, capable of 10's, Please someone buy this before I change my mind $23,000 obo. CAR IS ONE OF A KIND!!!

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Is this easily over 500 rwhp done by the seat of your pants or do you have dyno graphs to prove this? I might be interested if you can show pics of the car and pics of the dynographincluding a/f.

PS - please tell me this isn't a stock 5.0 block and it's either a dart or R302 block?

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Sounds like a badass car man, but when buying a car like that, people are going to want to be able to view dyno-graphs, and maybe see some timeslips. Nobody is going to want to pony up 23k for the car, take it to a track, adn get it's ass handed to it by 11 second cars. Again,not trying to sound like an *******...Also, with that type of suspension, I don't see that car running 10's. There is a guy on here and dfwstangs, who's pushing over 600 at the wheels on a full griggs roadrace setup, and he's even got 90/10's up front..and on e.t. streets..he's turned low 11's, but with 130+mph traps. That motor in a car with the right suspension, may be able to turn the e.t.'s your saying it should go, but not a twisty car.
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