1993 Mustang Coupe Royal Blue (LA code). One of 202 in the color/trim codes per Marti.

2.3L turbo engine. 3.800 bore (.020) NOS TRW pistons/rings. All new bearings, etc.
turbo is a TB0344, Airesearch. Comp is 46.5mm 6+6 60 trim. Turb is 59.0 11 blade 67 trim 0.63 housing. Hydrodynamic Journal brg. Built by G-Pop shop out of Springdale, Ar.
Roller camshaft and followers, retarded 5 degrees w/proper cam sprocket.Zero oil usage. Runs fine.
Heat and air conditioning both work. I drive it daily.
04 Cobra rack and pinion, with Maximum Motorsports hybrid steering shaft.
New struts, new shocks (Tokico)
V8 front brakes. V8 front sway bar. V8 rear sway bar. Hawk HP-S brake pads.
T5 from a 94 V6 (3.35 first gear). Rebuilt with new 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 synchro's. Bronze pads bronze "cup", billet support....it is shimmed tight, plus the bronze pads, you get some NVH. Nothing major, it shifts fine and is nice and tight.
3.73 gear. LSD differential (rebuilt) 7.5. Clutch type LSD, not the old cone style.
Stinger 3” exhaust, turbo to bumper. Nice and quiet, but audible. Dynomax muffler.
Stinger front mount intercooler.
2007 Mustang front seats
Gentex (genuine) rear view mirror with compass and temperature.
Pioneer stereo head unit with bluetooth and USB.
Manual locks and windows and mirrors.
Steeda tri-ax shifter--kind of buzzy but part of that is because it's a 4 cylinder.
Steeda clutch quadrant.
NOS Ford clutch cable.
MM full length subframe connectors

I've owned it since I think 2016 and put the 2.3T in it in 2017 I think it was. Immediately had issues, pulled it back out and completely re-did the engine with new NOS pistons, rods, bearings, had the block bored and honed, new flywheel, etc.

Known issues:
Power steering whines. The engine is quiet enough that you hear it. Could use rear brake shoes at some point. They're ok for a while but I'm a little picky with mechanical stuff. Power steering pressure hose is showing signs of seepage. I haven't had to put any fluid in. Has a small oil leak, I think it's the oil cap or valve cover-I haven't had time to deal with it. It's never low, but I see a drip on the floor sometimes. Rear end is a little on the whiny side, never gave me any issue but it's just something I mentioned to be fair and honest as I know to be. Tires are fine. I put them on in 2020 and put maybe 10,000 miles on them. It had some surface rust on the R.R. floor pan on the bottom where the Liar I bought the car from left it sitting in a parking lot for 4 years, that often got water up to the floor pan during heavy rain. That's all I have seen, and I treated it with POR in I think 2019. In Dec 2020 the car went into paint where it sat until Dec 20th 2021. I picked it up and put it back together and here it is. The painter did not mask under the hood very well so there is a primer line along the top of the fenders. I haven't had time to deal with it. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and really don't "have" to sell it but it's time to move on. I have another one to play with. I'm just kind of bored with this one. I'm at the point now where it's either spend a whole lot of money and take it to another level, or put it on the market and let another enthusiast enjoy it the same as I would. So here it is.

Located central arkansas about 50 miles N of LR area.

I have TONS of spare parts that I can let go with it too, much of which is NLA and getting really hard to find now. If a buyer doesn't want any of the parts, I'll put them on the turbo ford market. Some turbocharger parts, coolant lines, spare distributor, wires, tools, just a bunch of stuff! Bring the truck if you want it, there's at least 2 boxes and a block/head (disassembled). We can negotiate on the spare stuff.

Asking $10,500 for the car. And that is cash. I don't deal any other way.

And finally I don't have a lot of time, I work a full time job and I own a business so that's basically 4 hours sleep daily except on Sunday after church. I don't do much business on sundays. No games, no scams, I can usually spot them a mile away and those will be promptly ignored/blocked. If you dont have or can't get the cash, don't bother contacting me as I simply do not have the time to deal with those games. The Arkansas title is clear, in my name, and not bonded/salvaged/etc.

I MIGHT trade but it would be for a '65-'66 Ford pickup short bed, decent Bronco, or maybe something newer (Mustang?) but I'd really prefer cash.