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Back 20 years ago, we ran a S-trim, TFS TW heads, e303, flows, shorties, Cobra intake, MSD and other bolt-on. Low eleven second car with only a 3.55 gear. It has sat in storage (So I don't have to worry about rust). Within 2-3 months, it will be back in our garage.We maybe made 600+ @ Crank. 13psi boost. My brother wanted to build it back up after blowing a head gasket, bending a rod and destroying a valve because his friend told him to decrease the Boost retard on a 95^F hot H-town day. So she sat for 20 years. Have had many offers made ($10k w/o engine and tranny). The new build will hopefully get us into single digits.


Ford Racing R302 block (1200-1300hp block)
Callies Billet forged crank (347 cid)
JE or Ross pistons
Forged h-beam rods
Custom Blower Cam
Melling hi-perf oil pump with correct shaft
Canton Racing Track pan (Baffles and spring loaded trick doors)
Main, valley and valvetrain girdles
TFS High-Port 240 Heads
Holley Systemax Intake with 75mm TB Opening (May hog out to 80) Ported lower, gasket matched to FelPro 1262
MSD Dual Sync distributor (SEFI)
Taylor 10.4mm Wires
NGK Racing Plugs, 3 degrees colder and gapped accordingly
MSD 6-Digital
Vortech BTM Boost Timing Master

ProCharger F1A intercooler blower Cogged for 1000hp @ crank
NX 50hp dry shot between intercooler and TB
NX Intercooler Spray Bar (NO N2O in the engine)

Holley Dominator SEFI ECM

Moser built rear-end 35 spline 3.73 gear 8.8
Eibach drag springs with inflatable bag
Sub frame connectors welded in
6 point roll cage to be upgraded to 10
Coil overs on the front
QA1 tubular crossmember

Injector Dynamics 1300X or Steve Morris' Billet Atomizer (120#/hr)
E85 (street) or E98 (track)
Aeromotive A1000 Pump (supports maybe 750hp)
10, 8 AN lines
Holley Sniper dual parallel pumps (Supports 300-400hp)
Sumped Dual 10AN dual outlet tank
Aeromotive Fuel rails

Built 4 speed auto
Trans Cooler
Aluminum Radiator with Zerex G05 and Royal Purple Ice
Black Magic Electric Fan
Summit Racing electric water pump
AMSOIL Lubricants
FRAM Synthetic Ultra Guard and Royal Purple oil filters
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