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Well I hate to do this but I must, have to sell my Mustang because I have to buy a house, it is not a daily driver, it is kept in a garage all winter, and is most never out in the rain!

The car is a 1992 LX AOD. with 83,412 original miles, RED, Mostly stock with a few add on's I will list:

AOD, PW, PS, PL, CC, Wiper Delay, A/C factory sun-roof, power hatck release.

65mm Throttle Body
73mm mass-air?
BBK Cold air intake (feeds from fender well)
BBK crome shorty headers
ASP underdrive crank with ASP overdrive alternator pully & cobra water pump pully.
2.5 Flomaster cat back (2 chamber mufflers) welded in.
Trans go shift kit
3.73 rear gears w/ new trac lok unit
2500-2800 stall converter
**Crome pony wheels w/ 245/50-16 rear 225/55-16 front
MSD 6AL ignition
MSD Coil
Ford 9mm wires
Black Magic Electric Fan
**A/C converted to new r134a
Monroe Sensatrac shocks with poly. bushings.
Stainless steel brake lines with DOT 4 fluid
Crome Ford trans pan with drain plug.
Sub-frame connectors (welded in)
Strut tower brace

DEI Viper 4 button alarm with remote start & window roll up/Down and power trunk rel. and many other opts.

SONY AM/FM/CASS. remote head unit
10 CD trunk mounted changer
40w x 4 amplifier
POLK speakers
10 inch BAZOOKA powered Sub. woofer
rear police like strobes in reverse lights
police style wig - wag head lights.

Im sure there is a few other items I forgot but I will post when I can recall what they are. The oil is changed every 3months or 2500 mi. with Penzoil 10w-30, plugs changed yearly with Dist cap/rotor Trans fluid changed every 20,000 miles with Dextron III
car is in very good condition with original paint, door handles were painted to match body color (RED) new rear brakes. like I said Im sure theres more but cant remember!?

Since I dont know how to post a picture, I will send to anyone intrested. You may email me at [email protected]

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I forgot! price... and location! I am in Central New Jwersey about 15min from Raceway Park in Old Bridge, NJ and for the car I am asking $6500. Also the trans was re-built 3 years ago, and I was told that Kevlar clutches were used in the re-build. also a Trans-go shift kit and ?2500-2800? stall connverter were added by the Trans shop while the trans was being rebuilt.

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...also forgot to mention I have all the stock parts for any and all the parts which have been replaced on the car, also have an extra set of tire's 225/55 ZR16 (4) all this will go with the car if wanted, because I was told that I must clean out the garage at my parents house because they say I keep to much **** there.
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