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Helping my friend out, this is his Ad he has on craigs list ....

Looking to Trade or sell 1992 mustang gt, Long ad looking for a car or boat maybe rv???? Call James if you have any Questions or text 720-936-4495

1992 Ford Mustang GT Convertible
478 Rear Wheel HP & 451 torque before the 150hp shot of wet nos at the altitude of Denver Colorado 5280 Mile High Thru a Built AOD.
I just want you to understand AT THE REAR WHEELS & AT ALTITUDE. That is around 660 hp at motor BEFORE the 150 shot of nos at sea level, like all the car manufacturers claim

-Completely stripped
-two tone du-pont painted base clear
-Saleen rear wing
-Cobra R fiberglass hood w/ locking pins
-fiberglass front cowl cover
-Cobra rear bumper cover
-Front GT bumper cover
-GT side skirts
-Rear LX tail lights
-Clear all new 8 piece front lights
-Crome added pieces

-New carpet kit
-Racing flo fit bucket seats
-4 point racing belts
-Speedster convertible boot cover
-Saleen white gauges
-White faced aluminum autometer gauges
( Oil pressure, Water temp, Fuel pressure,
Air - Fuel Ratio, Boost, Nos pressure)
-Autometer monster tack w/light & last recall
-Aluminum accents thru out on controls
-Pioneer cd radio (never hooked up)

-Ford motorsport 2" drop springs
-Hotchkis caster camber plates polished
-Monroe gas shocks & struts
-Hotchkis rear upper & lower control arms
-Rebuilt 8.8 rear end w/ extra clutchs
-411 ford motorsport gear kit
-Custom roll bar w/front down spouts
-5 lug conversion kit front & back
-New gas tank
-255 high flow fuel pump
-bigger front disc kit
-Under carrage recoated w/ under coating
-Subframe connectors
-lower box conectors
-18" antera crome wheels 18x10 R 18x8 F
-Updated front control arms
-New low vacuum brake booster
-New steering rack
-New steering pump

-I put the price for you to see they were not
cheap quick kits, I set up tranny & converter
to make sure it will handle 675 hp w/no worrys

-Stock AOD transmission Rebuilt w/
Super street fighter kit all new high speed
valve body shift kit. 3200. dollars

-Custom 3400 torque converter 1200. dollars
-Cleaned up & rebalenced drive line
-New yoke & u joints

THE 302/306 MOTOR
Vortech 9lb S Trim
NOS 150 Shot wet w/purge
Tons of polished & dipped parts
-Stock 302 bored out to a 306 rebuild kit
-E303 ford motor sport cam shaft
-Bbk 1.6 roller rockers
-Custom edelbrock push rods
-Edlebrock performer aluminum heads stage
3 porting and angle job 202/160 valves.
-Edlebrock performer upper & lower intake
gasket matched & extrude honed polished
-New high flow water pump
-Double L&R side nos purge kit
-Selector switch 3 prong for nos or street racing
-Usb cable for quick computer changes
-80 mm Pro-M mass air meter 42lb calebrate
-75 mm bbk throttle body & spacer
-42 lb ford motor sport injectors
-Professional high flow fuel rails
-MSD Coil, 8mm wires, Cap & rotor
-MSD ignition box w/ rev limiter
-BBK shorty headers
-Off road equalizer h pipe
-2 1/2 inch flowmaster 2 chamber exhaust
-Cobra programmable chip w/ al9 computer
-Vortech 9 lb S trim 8 rib super charger
-Newer style cooling system
-3 core aluminum radiator
-electric 14" fan w/ custom shroud
I am sure there is much more that I may have missed, Please if you have any questions i will get them asap with todays technoligy. Email to the phone!!!! I am sure there are still some things to be done to it. I never replaced the convertible top and it has been down for about five years as i built this project. Tires could be replaced interior door panels have a couple light tears. I can't seem to keep a winshield from cracking across.
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