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Bought the car as a roller. Car was in really good condition when I got it.

Platform is going to be a 6.0 with a 78/75 single turbo, paired up to a 4L80E trans.

Specs of the motor:
LS2 rotating assembly
LS2 timing chain
Ported LS6 intake and DBC 78mm throttle body
Ported LS6 oil pump
317 aluminum heads
LS9 head gasket
ARP head studs and rod bolts
Fox swap oil pan
BTR 226/235 .605/.610 cam
BTR .660 valve springs
Holley fuel rail
80lb injectors

Here are a few shots of the progress on that.

All leads up to this.


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Here's when we got the motor and car all loaded up to be dropped off.

The shifter has been installed.

Dash cluster is being removed for a F Body gauge cluster.

AC/heater have been completely removed

Getting a lot of the unnecessary stuff out of the engine bay.

Waiting on a few things still to arrive for the engine bay. Ordered the AJE front end kit, as well as some panels from Scott Rod Fab to clean up the engine bay.
Few other parts that we have / are ordered that will be going in soon:
Full length subframe connectors
Torque box supports
Tubular front bumper and rad support
Battery relocation kit
3 row aluminum radiator
Oil cooler
Trans cooler
F Body cluster
Trans is still needing to be worked on.

3800-4000 stall torque converter


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Stock K member is out. Waiting on the AJE kit to get in this week.

Getting prepped for when the tubular bumper support and radiator support get in.

K member starting to go in.

Coilovers are in. Turned out the front sway bar links and bushings were toast to I got those ordered to be swapped out.

Front bumper support is in. The lower radiator support has been cut and now the tubular radiator support needs to be welded in its place.

Working on getting the whole rear end taken care of too.

Just ordered this from Team Z

I also ordered coilovers with new shocks for the rear end, and on Monday I'll be ordering the 8.8 rear end rebuild upgrade kit.

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Some goodies came in today :)

More progress.

New trim pieces and seals on the car. Also changing out the door handles. Broke one lol!

Should have some major stuff completed here soon!

No more taking apart, now it's time to put it all back together!!! Starting to look like a car again.

Here is a little update.

Engine bay panels. Welded in, going to primer and then spray black.

Motor and trans are in. Looks like I have to order a flexible trans dipstick.

Time to fab some lower mount to hold the radiator in. This should keep her cool.


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Rear end support welded and the axle tubes welded.

Team Z anti roll bar welded on.

Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors welded on.

Alternator/power steering bracket also modified.

New harmonic balancer. The one I had was wobbly.

New plugs and wires are in. I'll have to heat wrap the plug wires just to be on the safe side.

Also looks like I'll have to order a new flexible dipstick for the oil. Plugs are in the way, and I can't go on the outside because the downpipe is going to be routed between the strut tower and the passenger headers.

Definitely glad I have that cowl hood.

More updates. The rear end is starting to come together.


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Also got the oil cooler adapter in place.

New turbo is on the way.

Accessories are starting to come together.

When you see it...

Just a couple more update.

New turbo is in, it fits lol. VS 78/75 turbo.

Rear end is also back in. Almost all buttoned up. Just needs all the suspension hooked up.

Quick shot of the radiator.

New strange shocks and coilovers installed.

Power steering pump on. Because street car.

Getting the On3Performance cold side mocked up.

HD2 Shift Kit for the 4L80E

Also the starter got touched up and painted the intercooler vents.

New belt and power steering cap came in.

Fuel system is being put together right now.

Radiator is officially mounted.


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Couple new photos. A few more things got done.

Upper radiator hose installed.

Lower radiator hose installed.

More shots of the radiator.

Water pump heater bypass is plugged.

Trans mount is on.

Torque converter cover is now on.

Deep transmission fluid pan on. This should help with keeping it cool. It wasn't as low as I thought it would be which is good.

Starter is now on.

This car is so close to being done. I can't wait.

Power steering pressure kit modification installed.

Fuel pressure regulator and gauge.

Fuel filter and check valve.

Couple more updates from today.

The harness for the lights are tucked in and secure. All the wiring is going to be as hidden as possible.

Here you can see that the hood latch cable and the wire harness is routed out of the engine bay and in the fender. Still need to remove some wires, cover them and clean and paint the engine bay.

Wires being routed in the fender.

Had to remove the water pump and drill and tap a hole to put a fitting for the coolant crossover tube to connect to it.

Air filter fits perfect!

Couple more parts coming together.

Waiting for the new lugs to get here so we can put on the wheels and adjust the suspension.

Intercooler getting mounted up.

Interior is just about ready to be put all back together.

And some new gauges from speedhut came in. I am super impressed with these. Very high quality.


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Intercooler has the top brackets made and installed.

Front bumper got trimmed and test fitted back on. Tomorrow the cooler lines will be ran and hopefully the oil and trans cooler will find a home.

The hood and bumper have been on and off so many times, don't mind if everything isn't aligned perfectly yet lol. I'm sure it will be coming back off again.

New SpeedHut gauges to replace the center air vents. They turned out awesome.

The pillar gauges should be going on next.

Wire and boot heat sleeves put on.

Here are a few shots of the bumper after it was trimmed to fit around the intercooler.You can see it definitely went on a diet.

Pillar gauges are installed. Wideband, boost, and fuel pressure.

Can't forget about the LSX oval sticker for the front ;)


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The body is so stiff that when the jackstand was taken off on that side and the body didn't flex and the tire couldn't touch the ground.

Beefy rear tires :)

Oil catch cans installed.

Hood pins are getting put in. They are almost finished.

Hood pins are finished. I think they look great!


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New battery came in. Getting it put in the battery relocation box in the trunk.

Just ordered a battery kill switch and terminals to go outside the car on the back side.

Oil cooler is mounted. Inside the front driver side fender. We're still working on finding a place to put the trans cooler.

Oil cooler line are all hooked up.

Getting the downpipe worked out. This is definitely a tight fit. Had to make a few adjustments to get it all test fitted. We had to have an ear cut off the trans too. Should work fine though.

Turbo housing and downpipe are getting ceramic coated.

Trans cooler is getting fitted and put into place.

Battery kill switch and terminal posts are going in here behind the plate. I ordered a hinged plate bracket and will have it on a spacer so that it's hidden and can easily be accessed.

Downpipe finished with the ceramic coating. I'll have the rest of the exhaust setup fabbed later.

Battery kill switch all mounted up and the terminal posts mounted. Looks really good.


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Downpipe is heat wrapped too.

Downpipe is looking good. Need to get 90 degree boots though.

Driveshaft is in! Perfect fit too. Going to order a safety loop for it.

Trans cooler bracket is all finished.

Another shot of the trans cooler. It's a tight fit, but everything clears.

I need to get different fitting for the trans though. The cooler has -10 and the trans has -6.

New ceramic 90 degree boots are on the exhaust side, and the down pipe is put on.

This is where the downpipe with the kit comes to. Thinking about cutting a notch out of the subframe connector and making the exhaust do a 90 degree and come out the side. I'd like to see if we could make the exhaust do a round to oval tip too.

Couple more parts starting to come back together..

Getting the oil catch cans put back on and getting the waste gate put on.

Had to extend the dump tube in order to clear the water pump. Going to wrap it as well.

Bracket for the ECU is in.

Fabbing up the mounts for the flip down license plate bracket to access the switch and posts.


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LED license plate lights going on.

With the plate up...

With the plate down...

Had the dump tube modified to fit. Test fitting before wrapping it and it clears everything just right.

Dump tube is heat wrapped. Front and rear driveshaft loops are going on too.

This is the stock tank that was pulled.

This is the 03-04 cobra style tank that's going in. We're making a second vent tube to go in place of where the factory one would go.


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Nice little shot of the wiring behind the license plate.

Kill switch, terminal posts, and license plates lights.

Got a few more photo updates.

Some heat shrink got put on some of the wiring.

Fuel filter on. Tank is about to go in.

The rest of the rear end suspension welded on.


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Car has about 30 more hours left of work and then it's off to the tuner to button up the harness, Ecu, and a little wiring.

Not a lot of major stuff left to do, just meticulous time consuming parts left. Probably the most tricky thing left is the Camaro gauge cluster. I'm going to make sure it's documented since I haven't seen anyone else show how they did it.

Here are a few random shots of the engine bay I took today. New brake booster just came in and it's getting pained black and then going in. All the little left over hole on the firewall welded in and some filler is going to be added. Then the rest of the engine bay will be painted black.

Fatmat has started to go in. Just doing under the front seats and firewall area to help with heat and a little sound.


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Couple minor updates, more to come soon. Getting close to a few other things being done.

Changed out the hood latch bolts to stainless.

V band flange welded on the part of the exhaust that will be attaching to the downpipe, It's a 90 degree turn to come out underneath the side of the car.


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Here's where the exhaust will coming out. Obviously not a finished product. Just got it on with the v band.

Had a notch cut out on the subframe for clearance. This is adding on the the end of the on3 Kit. I didn't want to have the exhaust going all the way to the rear of the car.

This section of the crush rail will also be snipped out so that the tip and be angled more upward and be flush with the under body.

The tip of the exhaust will be cut like a slash, so that it won't stick out like that and match the shape of the body.
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