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1986 Mustang Notchback, 51K miles on the odometer. Paint is shot, interior is faded with plastics getting chalky, rust in the rockers and floors but the frame rails, strut towers, etc are fine. It's ugly, but it's got a clean current title, it's tagged, with a good battery, starts, runs, drives.

Now that's out of the way... It's got a freshly rebuilt 2.3L Turbocharged engine! It's a late block from a XR4TI with one piece pan gasket, so it doesn't leak like the Exxon Valdez. It got a large valve, fully ported Boport head with the rebuild, along with a roller cam. E6 exhaust manifold, .60/.63 SVO turbo, 35lb injectors, Kirban AFPR, LA3 ECM, BIG VAM, Stinger FMIC, Stinger 3" to dual 2.5" exhaust, Flowmaster LX catback with dual chrome/stainless pipes, 87 T5 trans, Pro-5.0 shifter, 8.8 3.55 traclock rear, 87-93 5.0 front brake conversion, 86-93 5.0 brake lines all the way to the back to clear the dual exhaust, 16" Pony wheels, 5.0 sway bars, 5.0 steering, and more. There's really too much to list!

Everything mechanical has been rebuilt, refurbed, or salvaged from lower mileage cars. I built it to be driven, and it works really well for a modded car. Just looks shabby. Needs a windshield (cracked), tires (dry rotted), and some patches in the floor or dare-devil spirit to ignore the road going by, and it'd drive anywhere. The exterior is currently a charming variety of primer/sealers, cheap flat black rattle can, and stock light blue shining through, with all the weathering it's a real "Two Lane Blacktop" kind of patina that some people really dig. Realistically the car, aside from the parts that make it run and drive, need complete restoration. Or pop rivet some road signs and old license plates over the holes and go hurt someone's feelings... The options are endless. Got a beautiful base model with a no-thrills drivetrain? Here's a turn key, bolt in drivetrain that rips!

Interior is currently out so you can see the extent of the rust, but it comes with the car. I wouldn't drive on the current tires, but it'll drive onto your trailer under it's own power. $3,500 is what I'd like to get out of it, but I'm not completely unreasonable. Email me for fastest response - predatorman at

If you're not ready to come load it up in Salina Kansas, don't bother me.

Did a quick walk around video highlighting the worst of the rust, along with a cold start (first time in a few weeks) to show that it runs great.

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