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1986 6cyl coupe conversion
Engine combo has been running for 10 years ~50K miles
5.0 shortblock
AFR 165 heads
custom cam with comp cams beehive valve springs to match
RPM Air-Gap intake, powdercoated silver
Speed demon 575 cfm carb
polish alum tall Ford racing valve covers, powdrcoatd clear
FMS 1.6ratio roller rockers stud mount
BBK longtube 1 5/8" ceramic headers
Meziere electric waterpump
march custom pulleys
electric fan
SN95 high amp g3 alternator conversion
alum radiator
goodyear himile hoses
MSD pro billit distributor
MSD blaster coil
MSD digital 6 plus ignition + 2-step
MSD in-car timing adjuster
FMS 9mm spark plug wires
SFI-rated 12K RPM harmonic balancer

k-member and tube a-arms
subframe connectors
control arms
coil-over front struts
4-cyl rear springs
front 4-cyl swaybar
rear swaybar
MaxMotorsports Caster/camber plates
5-lug conversion 4wheel disc brakes
Cobra 13" brakes
94 cobra wheels
245/45 tires good condition
FMS 8.8 3.73 + SVO girdle
BBK h-pipe
Flowmaster 2 chamber w/ss pipes
Fresh T-5 with pro-5.0 shifter and UPR clutch quadrant + firewall adjuster
aluminum driveshaft

A complete Red/black interior --no missing pieces!
Full autometergauges MPH, Tach, watertemp, oil, volt, fuel level, AFR
Tilt steering
Manual everything
no center console

20mpg and great on highway

Top speed 150+mph (GPS recorded)
high 7's in 1/8th mile track (ran once)
high 11s 1/4mile track (ran once)

I originally built and owned this car for 10 years now. It is a solid platform and runs great. I just returned from a job located in the mountains of Virginia with it and no problem. This Mustang has taken me to Industrial construction projects in Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia and Florida just in the past 3 years and I have had no problem with it. Nothing wrong with the car, just lost interest in it over the years. email [email protected] for a solid runner $6,900obo


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The Mustang,
Last time I used it was in December when I got back from Virginia. It has been in the shop since. Took these pics just now, It could use a good wash but here it is anyway::

It has not been washed in a while but cleans up nice. :p

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The engine is mounted an inch back from factory position and the FMS aluminum driveshaft was professionally shortened by 1" to match. This means the car's weight is better centered and also brings the shifter back 1" for a nicer reach on the tranny. Just got back from a 2 week job in Panama City, FL. Aired up the tires and drove over 700 miles with all the commuting. Not a single problem.
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