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1985 GT Pro Street - Sweet!

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1985 Mustang GT: Pro Street

- original 5.0 liter bottom end/crank/pistons w/modified top-end (202/160 intake/exhaust w/586 lift Crane Cam, double springs/World Products heads, two carbs available; original approx. 36,000 miles

- original, stock body except for glass hood w/cowl induction

- 10-pt roll cage, stock interior except for everything behind front seats, which is custom aluminum

- back-halved/box tube, narrowed Ford 9" large-tube housing, Moser axles, Koni coil-overs; rear end built for 8.8s/stock T5 trans, drive shaft

- braided fuel lines - shorty headers w/aftermarket cats and custom 3" exhaust exiting from rear

- 12-gallon Harwood fuel cell/no fuel guage pickup

- Mickeys front/rear w/ Centerline muted aluminum wheel - excellent race platform, but streetable w/all safety equipment retained

- $18,000.00 in described trim. Sold as race/show platform; uninspected (as is).


Contact: Tom
[email protected]

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