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Up for sale is a 1981 Mustang Foxbody Coupe. This car has no long back story, it is simply a survivor. It was owned by an elderly gentleman that stopped driving it. I was fortunate to strike up a conversation and my brother and I bought the car with the intent of building our dream project. He ended up buying a Raptor and I bought a GT350R, so plans have changed.

This is a running/driving 4 cylinder, 5-speed car. Bright Yellow exterior with caramel interior. The car is an all original, unmolested, unmodified example of Ford's most sought after Foxbody design. The car is in the same condition as it was when it rolled out of the factory. White wall tires included and it even has the door tags in place. Never been painted and the engine/drivetrain have never been tampered with. It has seen some wear and tear from age, but overall is in amazing shape. We could not find any rust in any major areas on the car, just some surface rust where paint has chipped off. This car is for the buyer that has been looking for one of the rarest of the coupe body stylings, and appreciates 4-eyed pride.

Lets discuss the market. If you have been looking for a coupe then chances are you have seen what is out there. You can either score a $1500 project that has been stripped, hacked up, or abused. You can pay 5-6k for someone elses headache. Or pay 8-10k for a completed car that you cannot be sure of craftsmanship. You will have none of those worries with this car. This car is being marketed to the individual that has been looking for one of these for a long time. 6k is a small initial investment for a car you will eventually spend 30-40k on when all is said and done. Not having to do body work or sort through someone elses mess will save you time and money in the future. Call it an investment property.

Lets talk about what this car is not. This is not the beater you are looking to buy for your high school grad. It is not the cheap commuter that you can take back and forth to work. Those are duties for imports and the Prius.

Lets talk about what the car is. It is the perfect platform for your coupe build. This is the foundation upon which you will build that dream coupe to make all your friends on Instagram jealous. This is the beginning of that road racing build you have always wanted. This is the body upon which you will drop in a stroked small block and tear up the quarter mile. Or it may be the first car you build with your son/daughter when he hits the right age. The value is that this will be YOUR project, and has ever been anyone elses.

My brother and I hold the CLEAN California title and the vehicle is currently on non-operation. No back fees, no headaches, no games. All the car will need is a smog and current fees to be put on the road. All documentation for an out of state sale are in order.

-4 cylinder coupe
-5 speed transmission
-Heater works
-No A/C
-Manual Windows
-OEM functioning radio
-Gauges work
-Lighting works

Repair Items:
-Weatherstripping needs replacement
-Horn not working
-Headliner glue is failing
-Steering shaft rag joint needs replacement
-Driver seat has tears

Here is a link to the CL advertisement with all the pictures. Email me from the advertisement for the fastest response.

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