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Sold the car and I have a complete mid mount twin turbo kit with Precision T59 Turbos (5976E). 2 Tail 38mm Wastegates (all springs), RB Racing Scavenge Pump, Intercooler, headers, oil lines, new vacuum line, air filters, and plumbing.

I am including the pipes from the downpipes to the stock catback 3" location. I am also including the 90 degree billet oil drain line adapters. Also the scavenge pump didn't originally come with the kit. The one the kit came with sucked so i got this one. Those 3 items alone were about $700.

Built by boostworks (
) I had it on the car for about a year a total of 700 miles. Note that the throttle body to blowoff pipe may have to be cut and rewelded depending on your intake. it was made for a stock based intake manifold which positions the throttle body facing up. i had a holley intake (also for sale) and the tb faces down so i had to cut the pipe in half and rewelded shifted 45 degrees to make it face up to match TB. if i had a nice elbow it could have fit, but why do that. it cost $20 to have it welded where i wanted it. If you look at the top picture the big 4" pipe s shaped with the place to put the MAF sensor you can see the weld above it. Looking for $5000 obo. PM, Email or text me at 954-465-7146. Thanks for your time.


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