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Just got done tearing apart my friends new engine to find both the #1 & #3 exhaust valves were stuck completely wide open. We clay checked for piston to valve clearence and the exhaust vavle didnt even make an impression on the clay. He took the heads to a machine shop to have completely checked out and all new valves put in. They said the guides were in good shape and didnt need replaced. The only thing I can think of is the guide was to tight and seized the valve in place. Anyone have any other ideas on what might have caused this problem? I will list what heads and engine parts and such so you can have a better idea of what I am looking at.

1966 289 heads ( screw in studs and guide plates )
brand new intake and exhaust valves
trick flow replacement spring kit ( the kit they recommend for the stage 1 camshaft )
trick flow stage one cam
1.7 ratio trick flow roller rockers
brand new svo roller lifters

The machine shop checked them all out, placed the new valves in, and set the seat pressure for the springs according to the trick flow specs. We tried to pry the valves back up and hit the retainer with a brass hammer and nothing. The one head is going back to the machine shop tommorow anyways, but I would like to have more ideas on what to look out for. I checked for oil flow through the rockers when we primed the engine, tripple checked valve lash, and even rotated the engine through a few million times while priming the engine on the engine stand. He primed it for a solid 5 minutes before he even fired the engine for the first time. Any ideas out there???
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