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Hi guys,

Noticed something strange this afternoon when I popped the hood. The top black lid of the intercooler reservoir tank (driver's side tank) is slightly swollen, enough so that the cap is tilted back about 10-15 degrees. Also the coolant in this tank is considerably darker than that in the other tank. It's getting warm down here and the last couple days I've been stuck in unusually bad stop and go traffic. My gauges never crept up but I'm not sure if there's even a sending unit in that side for temp? Also got an intermittent CEL during the traffic that has since gone away and I haven't had the time to go get scanned.

1. Any ideas what could cause this/how to fix?
2. Is there a sensor/sender in that system for temp?
3. If hot, why would the cap not release the pressure out a blowdown tube like the radiator would? Not sure if it's got one built in.

'08 Sheby GT500, 18k miles, 2.3L TVS upgrade, exhaust, TB, tune etc.

Thanks for any advice

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