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Howdy all...

I am an old Fox/pushrod guy, and am recently starting a journey into mod motor territory.
I have a 98 Cobra that I aspire to put a turbo and a 6R80 in it, but that needs it's own post.

My pops is building a car, I think it's a 46 Ford coupe.
He wants to modernize the drive train, fuel injection, A/C, power steering etc.
He is very cheap, pinches pennies so hard, old Abe Lincoln cries...

So, fitment, etc, he is working that out.

He bought I believe a 96-98 GT (SOHC) car as a donor to get wiring, suspension, etc off of.
I have been trying to convince him that the non-PI SOHC motor would be supremely disappointing even though he doesn't want anything too crazy.

So, I convinced him to get a DOHC motor, and he found an Intech out of a Lincoln, 1993 I believe is the casting year. Chatted the dude down to $150 for the motor and auto trans... Again, painfully cheap.

Fast forward and he is starting to fit the body work around the motor in the chassis.
The Lincoln motor has the bundle of snakes intake with the throttle body at the back of the motor.
He can't do this, because the coupe's firewall is too close, and he'd have to build a box around it, and route the cold air all kinds of funky.

So, been looking for another intake, and it's very difficult to find a definitive answer...

I found a great deal on an '04 Mach 1 intake. Will it fit on the '93 4.6 DOHC motor?

I know it has 'A' heads, and the manifold is from a motor with 'C' heads...

Do I need plates or do I have to find 'C' heads to put on his 93 motor?

I'm trying to find parts for him, and I never tell him how much I paid. I want to help him sort this part out, so if it means buying IMRC delete plates or 'C' heads, I'm cool with it. Just gonna tell him I found parts for 50 bucks or whatever.
Call it pay back for being a little jackass when I was a kid.

Thanks in advance for any advice


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It has B heads, not A heads. A heads were prototypes that never got released on a production car. No that intake will not fit unless he runs with C heads. He should go C heads anyway, they are better. You can get the 99/01 style C heads off 99-02 Continentals for dirt cheap. I got a whole 52k mile Continental motor for $500 and dropped it into my 2000 GT with a bellhousing adapter (Contis had a FWD block) and rolled.

If you want to do a "build" dirt cheap, get a 93-98 Lincoln motor, swap on 99/01 C heads and a 99/01 Cobra or Mach intake and go.

If you actually want to build the motor then strip it down to the block and crank and build it back up. Cast cranks are plenty strong despite what the internet racers will tell you. Cast crank, Boss or entry level rods and some good forged pistons will support well over 700hp on stock heads/cams with a power adder.
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