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Looking to sell a few items from my stock 04 Lightning

1. Camshafts both banks with springs and retainers
2. Egr, Egr Tube and egr solenoid
3. Exhaust manifolds right and left
4. Valve body with no modifications
5. Lower blower crankshaft pulley

Listed items have just under 30k, all items are in great condition. Complete rebuild was performed on upper and lower end with multiple forged upgrades. Currently running stock upper end setup that was ported and polished, the upper and lower intake, throttle body, blower and cylinder heads. Will be purchasing a new whipple in the very near future and am willing to let everything go excluding cylinder heads(stage 3 P/P). Ported Eaton with 10 inch lower pulley is putting out 14 psi, all bearings and related items were also replaced at that time. If interested make an offer, all will be considered have no use for these items anymore and hope someone could get some use out of them. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, ets. Thank You
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