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If anyone with an 03/04 cobra fuel pumps assembly is looking to do this mod I got 4 extra Y fittings that I don't need. Napa wouldn't sell me just 1 fitting so I had to buy 5, rather then them sitting and never getting any use I thought I would offer them up, they list for $4.50 /ea I'm not trying to make money on them so I'll let em go for $2 /ea. this way you can save a few and won't have to go buy a 5pk like I did:

PPRV Removal info:

Vacuum Hose Connector - Universal, Y; Outlet Size - 3/8"

Part: CRB 2638
Product Line: Echlin Fuel System

Vacuum Hose Connector Outlet Sizes : Outlet Size - 3/8"
Vacuum Hose Connector Shape : Y
Vacuum Hose Connector Material : Plastic
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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