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Sorry I'm new to this site, I'm not sure this was the right spot to post this but,
I have read many forums taking about this very thing but none of them give give me what I am looking for. I am looking for a list of parts that fit on the v6 02 mustang that I need for the 351w swap.
Here's what I have so far:

8.8 rear end 99-04 gt
K member 94-95 gt
Driveshaft 94-95gt
Fuel pump
Dashboard Wiring harness
Engine Wiring harness
Transmission Wiring harness
Fuse Wiring harness
T-5 94 cobra 5speed manual transmission

Is that all I need to make the swap besides a little tlc?:)
Also, is there a cheaper alternative to the cobra transmission that is still a 5 speed manual transmission?

Info about my car
3.8l V6, 5 speed manual,
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