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my speedometer and odometers both don’t work. Everything else on the cluster works just fine
I took it apart and everything seemed okay, worm gears were intact, just no grease left, pure dry.
anyways I had a V6 cluster so I took that apart and took the motor and a worm gear and replaced them on my V8 cluster for good measure.

tried it out, that didn‘t work.

also I should mention that the OBD-2 does in fact register the vehicle speed. I have also inspected and changed the vss gears. I didn’t measure the voltage of the VSS since computer already registers speed.
I have also changed the motor and needle from the extra V6 cluster to my V8 assuming that one worked. Still no speedometer nor odometer. Since the good motor and gears dont even get turned I feel like it just doesn’t get any signal to the instrument cluster for speed. The odometer is also stuck at 248k KM however I’m guesstimating it has around 280k
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