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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a SCT LiveWire that I hooked up to the PC to update the firmware but has never been hooked up to a car. Never married to a car so it's unlocked. Only reason I'm selling is The car already has a chip tuned in it and I'm not changing the setup on the car any longer. This was ordered...
  2. Superchips Custom Tuning
    is there anyone out there that lists local tuners in my area? ive come to the conclusion that my place sucks! ive been trying to get my car tuned since i put the procharger on almost a year and well over a thousand$ ago! blood enterprises in auburn. WA. my tuner seems very smart but is more...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    FS: Unlocked SCT Xcal 3 $250 I have an unlocked sct x cal 3 with usb cord. $250 + ship no low ballers, reasonable offers considered McDowellbm email brockott (at) gmail (dot) com
1-4 of 4 Results