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windsor heads

  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    1969 351W Heads. Complete/Assembled `Ported (2"x1.3" intake opening) `Polished `Pushrod guides `Rocker studs `Replaced valves (GT40E) 1.84 - 1.54 `Comp Cam 911-16 Springs Single Outer Valve Springs O.D.: 1.524" I.D.: 1.110" Seat load: 122lbs @1.900" Open load: 309lbs @1.400" Coil bind: 1.200"...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I bought these from a buddy of mine with the greatest intentions of putting them on a badass motor. Priorities have changed and I am no longer going to be building said badass motor. This is a set of never used, old style TFS high port heads. (windsor style heads) these heads are bare, and...