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wheel hop
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  1. Drag Racing
    ok last year i was running a basic bolt on foxbody had wheel hop so i put upper and lower adj control arms and 3 way shocks and 90/10 struts.problem solved no more wheel hop and it would pull front tire a little. over the winter i built a 425hp at the flywheel 302 and went to the track last...
  2. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    First time down the 1320 last night. Made the Drive up to New England Dragway. The car ran great, but with my nearly bald all seasons, traction was almost impossible (as expected). However, the car an better than I thought. Ended up going 12.4 @ 116 with a 2.1 60' After that, it was wheel hop...
  3. GT & SOHC
    on my 1998 Mustang GT 4.6L convertible there are a set of shocks attached from the rear axle to the frame that are both leaking and cost over $80 each! i was wondering if i could just replace them with solid bars instead of using the shock style setup they have on it now. can try to post pics...
1-3 of 3 Results