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  1. Fuel System & Related
    I am looking for OEM or used aftermarket fuel rails for a 2011 or newer 5.0. I am in Fredericton, New Brunswick dude772 at gmail .com
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking to purchase a COMPLETE KB 2.1 kit for a 2003 Mach 1. Let me know what you have. [email protected]
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    just got a car for basically free. its got one damaged piston and a spare head for it. just need to get the car on the road asap as ive got a buyer lined up for it next month looking for a piston and rod. and also an intake/exhaust valve.
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    got one thx
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Just as title says..Looking for a good set of 180cc through 190cc heads with a 58cc and below combustion chamber for a 331! Shoot me a pm of you have any!:confused:
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    Just as title says..I'm looking for a Victor 5.0 intake for my 331! Also anything related like...Box style, Victor Jr with elbow, just anything in the Victor 5.0 category!! Pm asap!
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Just as title says..I'm looking for a good set of 185cc and above heads for a 331 stroker setup! If anyone has some or know a friend that has some..PM me asap!!
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    Just as title states...Looking for 393w or 408w efi setup, Long or Short Block..I'm located in South Carolina so anywhere around where I'm located will be fine! Call or Text 803-221-6009 or 803-221-2642 or PM me!
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for an 331 short block or long block around the South Carolina area. If anyone has one give me a call at 803-221-2642 or PM me. Thanks
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    My Mark with the HO swap has a bum A9P (it won't talk. swapped in a speed density computer I had on hand and that one will give codes, so the wires are fine... this was only to test the wires, the engine was not started with a speed density computer). My gas mileage has also taken a turn for...
  11. Modular Engine Parts
    Like the title says, I'm looking for a 75mm throttle body for a 2V 4.6L and also want to buy an O/R x-pipe that is compatible with an automatic transmission. Used parts preferred. Thanks for looking.
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    WANTED: A9P Engine Computer in Good Condition I'm looking for a used A9P ECU out of an 89-93 Fox in good condition. Must come out of a perfectly running vehicle. I've got 100 bucks cash and I'm ready to purchase now. My car has been down for over 6 months and this is one of the things i need to...
1-13 of 13 Results