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  1. 94/95 Tech
    have a '94 cobra i replaced 5.0 with 5.8 back in '96. it has GT-40 lower, Crane compucam 2030, TFS twisted wedge heads, SVO pan and windage tray and all the Cobra takeoffs. long story short I came back from overseas and needed an automatic, SO... out came the 5spd and ECU w/ harness& MAF and...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    Just completed my t5 swap so Im offloading the unwanted parts. Up for sale is the stock, unmodified AODE PCM, calibration code W4HO. Comes out of a 95 Mustang GT. 40 shipped or best offer. Can also be picked up if you live in MA or CT. Please email me at [email protected] or PM me.