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  1. Superchargers
    Hey guys I've been battling this problem for awhile now and haven't had any luck at all, I'm going to run you through my set up first and go from there My Car: 1999 Mustang GT Mods: Vortech V1 T-Trim, 3.33 Pulley, BBK 78MM Throttle Body, 42# Injectors, SCT BA2600, CXRacing intercooler w/piping...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    SCT BA2600 Mass air meter has been set up on a custom tube for forced induction application. I don't need it with my FAST efi system. $110 shipped.
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    In search of a used supercharger kit for a 94-95 gt. Also interested in Novi 2000 kit for 94-95 (currently have novi 2000 head unit off a foxbody).
  4. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    Looking to purchase clean well built 85-93 notchback. Must be either aftermarket block, Windsor stroker or LS powered. Prefer turbo or Vortech T trim YSI etc. Want 600-700 rwhp Prefer fuel injected but may consider blow thru setup. Exterior and interior need to be excellent to show quality...
  5. Midwest
    I'm looking for feedback on C&M Performance in Hubertus WI. I have a 2001 Cobra that I am putting a Vortech on this winter and by the looks of their outdated website C&M would fit the bill nicely. They are close to me, a Vortech distributor, and an SCT programmer. But I have never heard...
  6. Superchargers
    So I have a vortech maxflow boost a pump (Non programmable) and I can't seem to find any install guides for a 96-04 mustang. Can anyone direct me to one? I know its a pretty simple job, but I always like to make sure Thanks ahead of time.
  7. Superchargers
    I searched but didn't quite find the info I Was Looking for. My goal here is to have a driver side Mounted YSi with renegade bracket and a Kurgan Brace on a 10 Rib set up. Im on the fence about AC and/or power steering due to the vehicle being a "street Car". Q: is there a renegade Driver side...
  8. Power Adders For Sale
    Wanted to see if anyone was interested in my supercharger kit. It is still on the car, but I can remove everything quickly if sold. The kit is a Polished Vortech V2 SCi trim HO kit with aftercooler (made around 12 psi. on my car.) I bought the kit used with a trashed head unit and purchased a...
  9. Power Adders For Sale
    Vortech V3 Si Trim with Bracket $1650. Buyer pays shipping/PP. Came off my 4.6 2v. Used it for 3 drag seasons. Low mileage. Oil changed each season. No loose or play in the head unit. Performance Specs (from Vortech) Max Speed: 52000 RPM Max Boost: 22 PSI Max Flow: 1150 CFM Max Power...
  10. Power Adders For Sale
    SOLD I'm moving, need to clean out the garage! Fresh rebuild 5/28/14 and has NOT been used at all since then - cost over $700. All mounting brackets, lines, pullies, and hoses Mondo blow-off valve Air idler pulley There may be a few bolts missing. $1400 shipped
  11. Superchargers
    Well I'm in the process of installing my Vortech supercharger and went ahead and mounted the cxracing intercooler because I thought I would have to cut the bumper support which I've seen in a lot of peoples builds out there, but I didn't have to do that at all and in fact its a real flush fit...
  12. Superchargers
    Howdy guys. I have an 02 gt 2valve with a vortech supercharger with the powercooler. I noticed a hole (about 3/8) in the 2.75 id discharge hose coming directly from the sc. Once I go t it off I realized it was intentionally cut to be there. It was leaking air of course so I called vortech and...
  13. GT & SOHC
    Ok so first and foremost here is what I have for my Vortech build so far.. 1999 Mustang GT - Vortech v-1 t trim Head - Discharge Tube Assembly - Mounting Bracket Assembly - Air Inlet Assembly - Oil Feed Assembly - Oil Drain Assembly - CXracing intercooler w/3" piping - 3.6 Pulley - 42#...
  14. Power Adders For Sale
    Hi guys, Im looking to buy a Vortech Supercharger Head Unit. Will buy damaged head unit! As long as it can be repaired and you inform me of the damage. Let me know what you guys got! Thanks!
  15. Power Adders For Sale
    Hi fellow mustang owners, I am new to this site and hope to utilize it to help me find a supercharger. I have an 04 mustang GT that definitely needs some more power. I am interested in vortech for the most part but i am open to whatever you guys have to offer. Please pm me or comment if you have...
  16. Power Adders For Sale
    Posted this on the wrong account earlier...anyways.. So my birthdays coming up in about two weeks and I've been looking for a Vortech Head unit locally with no luck, so I've decided to finally come to corral and look for one.. I'm looking for a Vortech V1/V2 for a 99 GT head unit in working...
  17. Power Adders For Sale
    I put this kit together with the help of multiple resources including direct help from Kelly Herring when he was at Paxton. Everything was done right for running a cog belt on the street. This kit includes two Mondo Bypass Valves, custom 50mm cog drive system on a passenger mount kit. Has the...
  18. Power Adders For Sale
    I upgraded my head unit to a SI, so if anyone needs a great used s-trim impeller I have one. Blower ran flawless before upgrade. $250.00 obo I forgot to say this is a standard rotation impeller.
21-40 of 291 Results