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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    AOD Valve Bodies (Transmission related) I need to purge a couple Lentech valve bodies. These are Lentech, not built by Silverfox Performance. They were traded in for other SPT units. 1) Strip Terminator, Manual shift, w/Transbrake, Reverse Third, non lock converter only, stage 3, MSRP $879...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    took these off a pair of AFR 205's that I bought from a guy who had them on his solid roller 408 stroker. He forgot exactly what part number these were so I have attached photos of some measurements I took of them. Might be part# 943-16, again not sure. great condition. asking 200 shipped. open...
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a HR Sadi camshaft and I want to use the 210#/500# springs I already have. From what info I have been able to gather, I am beginning to think that this cam isn't up to the task. Are my suspicions correct??
  4. 94/95 Tech
    Which cast valve covers will clear comp 1.6 rockers, and a holley systemax intake with a 1/2" spacer? I really dont like the factory stamped covers, and I'm having slight clearance issues between my rockers and the stock valve covers.
  5. Modular Engine Parts
    just got a car for basically free. its got one damaged piston and a spare head for it. just need to get the car on the road asap as ive got a buyer lined up for it next month looking for a piston and rod. and also an intake/exhaust valve.
  6. Modular Engine Parts
    4v DOHC blue valve covers NEW 07-12 5.4 I've got 2 sets of valve covers for sale. I picked these up a few years ago and have no practical use for them other than some man cave pieces. These are brand new and never even made it to a warehouse. They came straight from the manufacturer where they...
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    I need a pair Please let me know if you have one for sale and for how much thanks.
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    New Manley NexTek valve springs I have a killer set of new Manley Nextek valve springs.Part number is 221444-16,I had my machine shop install these on a set of heads but I never installed the heads.Well,my buddy bought the heads but did'nt need the springs.These are awesome springs!The specs...
  9. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I am going to be getting this cam shortly. 1985-95 Mustang 5.0/5.8L Comp Xtreme Energy Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller, Fw Xe264hr-14 at LRS - Free Shipping! And along with it new lifters, gaskets, roller rockers, valve springs, etc. But my question is, does anyone have experience with this cam...
  10. GT & SOHC
    I have a 01 Gt that is rattling sound coming from the passanger side head, I think it is in the lash adjusters/lifters. It only does it after the car warms up. and does not seem to change with rpm. I have removed the lash adjusters, is there any way to tell if they are bad? Thanks.
  11. Windsor Engine Parts
    Ford Racing Tall Valve Covers SOLD! Starter, fits 79-91 302/351W, I would keep it for a spare but I have a 93. $20 plus ship Alternator SOLD! AC Delete Bracket for 86-93 Mustang, unsure of what brand, was told it was March, but it looks similar to a Trick Flow. Im posting a pic of it on the...
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a set of valve covers that say either "347 stroker" or "347 C.I. Stroker" Shoot me a text 848-210-7714
  13. Automotive Tools
    Ford Valve Spring Compressor The Valve Spring Compressor is CNC machined, anodized red, laser engraved and made in USA. This tool makes it easy to replace valve seals, valves, springs, and retainers. The tool is attached to the head with 4 short bolts. Once the tool is attached to the head you...
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    10° Valve Locks 8mm, LSX/SBC/SBF Bead Lock - AFR Part # 9009 Air Flow Research Steel 10° Retainer 1.550 O.D. - AFR Part # 8511 Air Flow Research Paid $88 off of $75 OBO
  15. Modular Engine Parts
    Please call or text me as soon as u see this I need them for my coil on plugs I have the oldshol coil pack style valve covers and the coils won't fit 9564830593
  16. Windsor Engine Parts
    BRAND NEW, in a comp cams box, but they're brand new. 1.550" OD, 600 max lift Need to sell to get my bottom end done. $135 Shipped
1-20 of 33 Results