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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    Up for sale is a used A9P EEC-IV ECU, Tweecer RT piggyback tuner and an 80mm LMAF. I ran this system for years, but I'm transitioning over to a new EFI system so this is up for sale. The system was fully functional when removed. The A9P obviously has the seal removed in order to attach the...
    $600 USD
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a base TwEECer that I'm looking to get rid of. I used it back in the day for my Ford Mass Air Conversion setup, but I run Holley EFI now and no longer have a use for it. If there are any tunes on the TwEECer, they're for the AHACA strategy, AKC0 computer. These are easy enough to clear...
    $150 USD
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a TWEECER RT that I purchased late winter early spring this year for sale. Due to my lack of computer abilities this was difficult for me to get going with the software. I did get it to connect to the car and was able to alter the idle( like they say to do when first starting out) I just...
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    Never had any problems with it, sold car so no longer need this $200 shipped
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    A9L $103 Shipped w/ pp fees included I had a Tweecer R/t mated to it and never had any issues with it Can ship same day depending when paid I also have a Tweecer r/t I'll sell but just need to find the cable for it
  6. General Mustang Tech
    Hey Guys, I'm trying to use my Innovative MTX-L wideband to datalog with my tweecer. Prefer to use the serial cable instead of wiring into the EGR port. Don't want to cut into my harness. I have a serial to USB adapter and my laptop recognizes the connection. CalCon doesn't seem to be picking...
  7. GT & SOHC
    As the title says, I'm looking for someone who is reliable and knowledgeable around Lexington, KY to tune my car. I'm about to do a PI swap and will need a reliable street tune. Anyone know anyone around here? PM me with details if you know someone, or are someone who can do this.
  8. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a 94 cobra that I'm trying to tune with a tweecer rt and im having a heck of a time finding a base tune to start with. Its on 24lb injectors and stock maf. Long tubes off road mid, ultraflows, edelbrock rpm heads, comp cam, systemax intake etc. Anyone have a base tweecer tune to share...
  9. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking for a complete tweecer r/t to tune 90 mustang Cell is 848-210-7714
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    Up for sale is my used but one hundred percent working Anderson PMS series four for the 94/95 Mustangs or someone using one of those PCMs. Comes with the hook up for the 3 bar MAP sensor and includes the MAP sensor. If youre looking for the PMS system, then you know its the most user friendly...
  11. Electronics and Entertainment
    I am selling the Tweecer R/T I have been using for the past couple years on my 5.4L swapped mustang. It has worked perfectly for me with tuning my setup. If interested, please send a PM with an offer.
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    Used as part of a 5.4L swap project. Has worked flawlessly. Asking $400 shipped PM with (reasonable) offers I can also be reached via [email protected]
  13. Engine Management Systems
    Many new with either the TwEECer R/T or Quarterhorse should pay close attention to how it works to dial in the MAF, This step is crucial for proper fueling at given range after injector data has been applied as needed through out to dial in corrective data. If you have any questions please let...
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    Have a Base model Tweecer up for sale. This chip has been in my 94 SVT Lightning since 2004 and comes with the cables and switch. The Tweecer works perfectly on all switch settings. Excellent tuning tool with either the CalEdit or Binary Editor software! Asking $225 shipped or make me an offer...
  15. Electronics and Entertainment
    I am selling my TwEECer(non RT model) that was in my car for about 3 years. Everything is in perfect working order comes with the 5 way switch and usb cable. Looking for $150 shipped in the US..... obo
  16. Engine Management Systems
    My old WinXP laptop is on its last legs, if not actually dead. I picked up a new laptop with Windows7 on it earlier this year and I'm curious if the Tweecer software will work with Win7. The website only specifies up to Windows Vista, and I haven't received a response to the email I sent to...
  17. Electronics and Entertainment
    Brand new, never used on vehicle. Was going to use for my 95 cobra build, but i got sidetracked with the car and the Tweecer sits unused. $500 shipped to your door. Pics upon request. Price is OBO but i need money right now, my Polaris Predator took a dump on me and i need to get it...
1-18 of 25 Results