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turbo cam

  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    New Cam Motion Solid Roller Turbo Cam New Cam Motion turbo cam. Was installed in the engine but motor was never fired. Never even had the intake bolted on. Lift with 1.6 rockers In: .686 Ex: .658 Duration @.050 In: 253 Ex: 249 Lobe Separation 114 Have cam card too. selling for $325 obo
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    Im looknig for a turbo cam with a decent lift and good duration on a 114 lobe sep. SBF 351 hydrolic roller.I have cash and ready to buy. Let me know via PM what you have. Thanks.
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    Comp Cams sold roller cam for small block Ford. 55mm X 5 journals for roller cam bearings. .673 lift with 1.6 rockers, or .716 with 1.7's (.421 lobe lift). @ .050 duration 252 int 254 exh. Advertised duration 288/290. 115 lobe seperation Recommended cam lash .020/.020 Comp grind...