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  1. Turbochargers
    Hi, everyone. I've spent a lot of time reading on these forums but I only recently joined. I'm curious if anyone has had any major problems with the AC compressor after turbocharging? Here's why I'm wondering. I went to look at a relatively built '00gt yesterday. The car fired up, sounded...
  2. Turbochargers
    Starting my on3 build. 70mm :). wish me luck
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    2v Forward Facing Turbo kit! sold! Hey guys im sticking with my nitrous kit untill I buy the 2015 ecoboost. I always wanted a turbo on my 2v but once I saw the 15 I fell in love with it and im going to sell my 99 gt to buy it. About 2 months ago I found this turbo kit for sale and I talked him...
  4. Turbochargers
    This turbo kit started as a turbonetics kit but has been modify to fit a automatic transmission. The piping Is stainless steel and has a 3 inc down pipe the kit will come with a cut out and turn down. It no longer has the small turbo on it it now has a billet 67mm duel ball bearing precision...
1-4 of 4 Results