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  1. GT & SOHC
    I have a 2004 Mustang GT that I just recently bought from an auction, took it in to get emissions tested at the dealership and wast told it failed because of a tune the previous owner had on it( Comm. Fail Reason: Cat. Conv. & 02 Unsupported- Programing Error). Asked the dealership to reflash...
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello i just put a throttle body and egr spacer on my car and did a base idle reset after I put them on and I can’t get the car to run when it’s cold after it warms up a little bit it runs fine and after it gets to operating temp it idles a little bit high could I get a bama tuner and it dial...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    Hey everyone, I am making the leap to the Holley Terminator computer set up. With that being said, I am going to sell my original 1993 A9L computer (manual) and SCT chip once the Holley computer is installed and running. Really just wanting to see what it is worth to sell. I have used this...
  4. 94/95 Tech
    so i have an 89 lx and the only original parts are the shell and interior. on the inside it is a 94 cobra. after the build the entire engine has been ran through, cleaned up, and every bolt on you can imagine. top it off with a shot of nitrous, so my question is how whats my best options on...
  5. GT & SOHC
    I recently replaced the engine in a 1999 GT with one from a 2004. The engine I removed had a Kenne Bell, and other supporting mods, and a custom tune is on the computer. The car won't start and remain running. It sounds as if the timing is too far outta whack. The 04 engine is bone stock. I have...
  6. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    Hi guys, I am in the UK and have a 2011 Mustang GT. I've just installed a late 2014 crate engine (guessing late 14 by the different dipstick) into it as the last one died. However, we cant get the crank sensors to relearn and we've tried everything, revving it higher, taking it for a drive...
  7. Superchargers
    Im sure there are tons of posts already out there about my questions and what you need, however id like to give you guys an idea of my background of my current mods and plans to see if the answers vary at all. I have a 89 mustang gt. motor is in good healthy shape with 51,000 orig miles. e 303...
  8. GT & SOHC
    As the title says, I'm looking for someone who is reliable and knowledgeable around Lexington, KY to tune my car. I'm about to do a PI swap and will need a reliable street tune. Anyone know anyone around here? PM me with details if you know someone, or are someone who can do this.
  9. General Mustang Tech
    Question here... Am I the only one that thinks it's a tad crazy that people are selling unlocked SCT tuners for $250-$270!! Keep in mind that's just the handheld tuner and not the money for a custom tune. Custom tunes typically will run you a $100 (at least in my experience) for each tune. So...
  10. GT & SOHC
    Hey friends! I hope this isn't too long a post, lol. Any input is so greatly appreciated!!!!! I need some tuning suggestions and questions answered with my swap, I have done mad research for months and called many places and always get different answers. My questions are next and if you want...
  11. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a 94 cobra that I'm trying to tune with a tweecer rt and im having a heck of a time finding a base tune to start with. Its on 24lb injectors and stock maf. Long tubes off road mid, ultraflows, edelbrock rpm heads, comp cam, systemax intake etc. Anyone have a base tweecer tune to share...
  12. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    My gf and I went for a lil cruise last night, and I decided to snap a picture. Highest we saw for the night was just a tad over 31 mpgs. Not too bad for a lowly Automatic Mustang GT with a ProCal tune that seems frowned-upon by so many.
  13. Power Adders For Sale
    I have a Superchips Chip for a 99' GT that had a V2 blower on it, $100 shipped...772 228 2210 TXT or PM
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    Selling a black diablo revolution chip asking $120 obo
  15. Electronics and Entertainment
    Had this tuner laying around and dont have a use for it. Predator 98-04 Mustang/03-04 Marauder (part no. U7146) is applicable for the following vehicles: V8: 1998-2004 GT 4.6L 2valve 2001 Bullit 4.6L 2valve 2003-2004 Mach 1 4.6L 4valve 1998-2001 Cobra 4.6L 4valve 2003-2004 Mercury...
  16. Electronics and Entertainment
    More info can be found here (SCT Performance - More Power! Less Fuel!) Looking for $125 shipped in the US. Like new comes with selector cable and original instructions.
  17. GT & SOHC
    Ok, so I have been having this problem with the idle being very erratic, it'll surge, and I have found out that the A/C was the culprit. Every time I would turn on the A/C, the car would surge very badly at idle, sometime's going down to 0 rpms, then returning to 1000 and back to 200 rpms, then...
  18. Electronics and Entertainment
    40 shipped.obo brand new all parts in box. [email protected]
1-18 of 26 Results