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tremec trans 3550

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    Well I got a loan and bought a once wrecked 93k mile Neon SRT-4 to try the real sport compact thing again and just didn't like it.. SO I set out to find something more my style.. in the form of this 1993 Mustang LX (I had posted about this car before when I was looking to trade my 83 GT for it)...
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    I have Tremec 3550 from a 1990 LX 5.0 Mustang for sale in excellent condition (No problems whatsoever). Transmission has 10K miles on it. I also have a Scattershield and a Billet Pro 5.0 shifter. Prices below: Tremec 3550 $750 Scattershield $150 Pro 5.0 shifter $100 Take all 3 for $900 BR-...