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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    I took this unit in on trade. It's got 30k miles on it and was a bit hard to downshift into second. I'm going to put a 2nd gear/syncro and a soft parts kit in it. It's a 26sp input and will include a MGW shifter. It spent it's life in a street car and wasn't ever drag raced in any more context...
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    Up for sale is a freshly built 3550. Contact me for any details you need to know. PM or Phone 7135697871 $1000
  3. Drivetrain Parts
    Used tremec TKO for sale. Used ~1000 miles behind a bone stock 302, it had been in a mustang I was DD during the summer. 0 issues with it, just have no use for it now and looking to fund my other projects. 1000 OBO. Prefer not to ship, would meet within a reasonable distance. This is for...
1-3 of 3 Results