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  1. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    I have a bunch of parts, performance and stock I would like to get out of the garage. The below link will give you the list. Let me know if interested, with a reasonable offer. Please, no insulting offers. Pix:
  2. Exterior Parts
    $55 $65 shipped from 30269 CONUS. Bonus if bulbs work. Buyer pays PP fees. Pics:
  3. Exterior Parts
    95 Tail Lights $45 $55 $65 shipped CONUS from 30269 Pics:
  4. The Body Shop
    Hi there :D Is it possible to replace the stock tail lights on a 1998 mustang with the 99+ version? I just like the look of those more than the three separated vertical bars. And if it is possible, how much work would it entail?
  5. Exterior Parts
    As the title states looking for a set please pm me with price shipped to 45662
  6. Exterior Parts
    Selling a set of LX tail lights off my fox. The lenses are in good shape and still pretty clear but the passenger side light assembly is cracked (see photo) and that is why I decided to replace them. I have them boxed up in the boxes LMR sent my new ones in so they are ready to ship. Looking...
  7. Exterior Parts
    Fox GT Wing, Bumper, SideSkirts, Extensions, Hood All pieces are from a black '91 GT. Nice condition. Tail Lights "Cheese Graters" $100 Wing $80 Rear bumper $90 Side skirts $60 Front Flares $80 Rear Flares $80 Extensions from rear bumper $80 Hood...
  8. Exterior Parts
    A new pair of LX tail lights lenses I have a brand new set of LX tail light lenses from Late Model Restoration that I ordered in March of this year. I ended up not using them and they are still in the original boxes. I am selling them for $100 shipped. Please send me a message if you are...
  9. Exterior Parts
    Hey guys, I have a set of 96-98 tail lights that the previous owner night shaded. I replaced these with stock tail lights. They also include the tail light harnesses with bulbs. $85 shipped I can send pics to your emails! I accept Paypal! Please add for fees. Thanks!
  10. SVT & DOHC
    My girlfriend has a 97 cobra and she wants the black tail light bezels like i do (94 gt tail lights converted to 96-98.) Does anyone know where to get the black bezels without buying the tail light conversion? (btw i dont wanna spray the ones she has)
  11. Exterior Parts
    I am wanting to buy a pair of Tailights for a 96-98 gt, preferably with black trim but any color will be acceptable aslong as they are OEM style. PM with prices and info, thanks. Travis.
  12. General Mustang Tech
    Few years back bought some clear tail lights which require red bulbs. Found bulbs from a parts store back then but now i need some new ones or at least the cop that pulled me over 4 days ago thinks so.. >.> If anyone has purchased some their self, would appreciate where i can get them as well...
  13. tail lights

    tail lights
  14. Black Smoke Tail

    Dark Smoke Tail lights w/ clear back up light
1-16 of 17 Results