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  1. SVT & DOHC
    Whats up guys, I am in need of the following gear for my terminator. The transmission shop that it is being rebuilt at cannot locate it either. Does anyone happen to have this part or can direct me to someone/shop who does? Thank you in advance! Part nunber :1386-087-006
  2. Member Build-Up Projects
    I'm going to start documenting my build here and on a FB group related to foxbody mustangs. The background; I purchased my 1992 mustang back in 1997 or so and drove it as my daily for a few years. It went through a few combos over the years until I parked it and decided to get crazy with it...
  3. General Mustang Tech
    So I just picked up a 1993 LX last night, it has a T56 with a spec clutch that is not fully engaging. I didn't really "get on it" in the test drive as it was a low mile super clean car. Pedal is all the way out and the fork looks like it has no more room to move. Clutch doesn't fully engage and...
  4. SVT & DOHC
    Purchased a 2003 Mach 1 from a guy off Facebook with a locked up engine. I got it with the intention of building an engine for it and adding a 76 turbo to it. This will be my first all out build. However I am not looking to build an all out drag car just a quick street car shooting for 700+. I...
  5. Drivetrain Parts
    I am selling a Brand New Magnum T56, customer wants to go with an automatic now instead of the T56. Comes with a Quick Time Bell Housing for a Coyote/Mod Motor. BRAND NEW, no Oil, Never Ran, mocked up thats it. First 2800 takes it or best offer. Will trade for a used good Coyote Motor for...
  6. Drivetrain Parts
    Looking for a 26 spline input shaft for my cobras T56. Since Tremec has halted production I can not find one ANYWHERE.:curses:
  7. Drivetrain Parts
    No longer for sale
  8. GT & SOHC
    My car is a 2003 GT. The TR3650 broke, so I replaced it with a T56 Magnum about a year ago. The t56 has the following gearing: 1st 2.97, 2nd 2.10, 3rd 1.46, 4th 1.00, 5th .74, & 6th .50. Recently, the car has started to vibrate a lot at 40+mph. When the car is in 4th gear at 40 mph, a vibration...
  9. Classic Mustangs & Fords
    1968 Fastback 351w Engine rebuild questions I have a few questions about which direction to take my new project. I am purchasing a 1968 fastback from a guy who is abandoning the project. I am looking for suggestion on which way to go for my power train. First I'll give you some background. I...
  10. General Mustang Tech
    Hello everybody. I need some help. I have a t56 from a viper that's in pieces. Its bin stores in several boxes and moved around a lot so you guest it various pieces went missing. 1 of those pieces that's missing is the 1 piece counter shaft. My question, is the 2.66 mm6 1 piece countershaft...
  11. SVT & DOHC
    Hey guys, i'm new to rebuilding manual transmissions and by new I mean NEW. I recently purchased a t56 off of a forum with a "broken 5th and 6th gear" for a good price. I got it, and after a whole bunch of research I opened it and figured out that it is 5th gear which is broken. And I mean...
  12. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello guys. I'm seriously considering buying this for my 93 cobra to replace the tried and proven PMS i've been running for years. For those of you who have made the switch to this setup could you please tell me what all I need to order to make this install go smooth? I was planning on ordering...
  13. Drivetrain Parts
    After I posted the trans I found out the trans is a GM trans with a Ford bellhousing. Will obviously work on a several cars but this will not be a bolt in. A new driveshaft will probably have to be made or modified and must be measured for correct overall length, trans yoke will be included in...
  14. Drivetrain Parts
    All parts below came from a 2003 Cobra with 37000 miles. Flywheel, needs to be reground, $125 shipped T56 Mainshaft with front bearing, $110 shipped T56 10 spline input shaft with bearings and races, $50 shipped T56 1350 series slip yoke, $50 shipped
  15. Drivetrain Parts
    T56 Transmission SOLD Aluminum Modular Bellhousing $180 SHIPPED Steeda Triax Shifter SOLD SFI Billet Aluminum Flywheel SOLD Dynatech Aluminum Driveshaft, not sure on price yet? Crossmember w/ Removable Brackets (not needed for a 99-04, but needed for SN95), pretty sure it's a 96-98 Cobra.
  16. Drivetrain Parts
    New in box T56 6 speed swap kit for a fox body (302/351). Was gonna use this in my turbo notch but ended up going the auto route. Includes: McLeod Racing scatter shield front intermediate plate that converts a gm t56 to mechanical linkage clutch fork 26spline mcLoad friction plate This is the...
1-20 of 30 Results