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  1. Audio
    I have tried searching this and came up with nothing. I want to mount subs behind the factory rear speaker panels to keep the stock look. There seems to be pleanty of room to put a small custom box in there for some 8"s or maybe even 10"s.. Somebody had to have done this before. I want to see...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a bunch of car audio for sale. I am selling and will trade for mustang parts for a 2000 mustang gt. Looking for some cams or a catted x or h pipe. 2 new Visonik Competition 10 DVC 4ohms 125+shipping 2 Sony 1100w 10" subwoofers 100+shipping---sold Jackhammer JH600 1200w Mono Block...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have the mach 460 sound system. I have everything minus the rear amps and rear grill covers. Head unit CD player front amp front tweeter and cover front door speakers rear decklid rear speakers rear tweeters LOCATED IN HOUSTON, TX FOR THE SUMMER. Cont. US
1-3 of 3 Results