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  1. Suspension
    Looking to purchase a used inexpensive k member for my 92 foxbody. I will be using the stock motor. Thanks
  2. Suspension
    ***SOLD*** 03-04 Cobra IRS Subframe Cradle w/ Control Arms *** SOLD *** IRS subframe/cradle off of a 2003 Cobra, with control arms... a few scrapes and scratches on the lower arms but all fully functional - asking $425 + ship, it'll have to go freight due to its size and weight so, if you're...
  3. The Body Shop
    So this really goes back to last year (2016). I was going to install Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors on my '92 LX but noticed a problem. :o My subframe's frame rails on my car are dented up pretty good. Got a carfax report from my work, found out it was ditched (hit a ditch)...
  4. Road Racing/Auto X
    So I've been looking into getting a set of subframe connectors. After searching through a lot of posts and looking at the different manufacture websites I'm still just as undecided as I was when I started. The M/M full lengths or the Steeda full lengths seem to be the favorite here but I've also...
  5. Suspension
    Brand new weld in subframe connectors. I believe they are Summit brand (Summit #790100). Never installed, have usual scratches from sitting around. $50 OBO. Shipping extra.
1-5 of 5 Results