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  1. 351C/BBF Parts
    NEW ARP Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs PN:200-7201 for Ford and possibly other applications ///SOLD/// Listed are new ARP Pro 7/16" Rocker Arm Studs (1 set), Part Number: 200-7201 for a Ford Cleveland / Small Block V8. I was actually saving these parts for a 5 liter (w/ Cleveland 2bbl heads) I was...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    5.0/302 Roller Lifter Valvetrain/Cam Components Listed are Ford 5.0/302 roller lifter Valvetrain/Cam components including: lifter guide plates, guide plate retainers "spider", roller lifters, and pushrods. There are 16 roller lifters (+1 spare). I was actually collecting these parts for a 5...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    For sale is a set of ARP Main cap studs, part number 154-5407. They are barely used. $30 plus shipping and paypal. text me at 985-285-0901 for a fast response. Below is the write up from summit: Make: FORD Beginning Year: 1968 Ending Year: 2001 Liter: 5.0 CID: 302 Engine Type...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    SOLD!! I have a set of used ARP Head Bolts for a small block Ford. These are part # 154-3701 and are 7/16". These bolts have no stretch from previous use and are in perfect working condition. I am asking $40.00 shipped.
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Set of ARP Head Studs, can't use. I need 7/16". Is the normal 302 size 7/16? $100 Shipped
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    Like it says, I want to buy all of that, I have some things to trade.
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    SOLD DELETE PLEASE. THANKS CORRAL I have a Set of Arp head studs. 12 point head, 20 total for both heads. This set goes for $260 brand new on summit. I just took my motor apart and put it back to stock so i bought brand new head bolts so i could sell these and make some money and help someone...
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a complete set of unused roller rocker arms and 3/8 studs both still in the packages, I can't remember the brand of the rockers, and that is why I'll take 75.00 for the rockers and studs. The studs are performance products studs. Both come in the original packages and the rockers are...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    i need studs that will fit my cast iron heads with 600# springs,crane gold rr and stud girdle kit.
  10. 94/95 Tech
    This is my forst post here guys so bear with me, First off thanks for all the help you have been since i have gotten here and i'd like to say bow-tieless is an awesome guy and a great help as are all you cats here on corralnet. now on to the meat..... I recently purchased some iron heads that...
  11. S197 and Coyote Parts
    Brand new set of ARP Pro Series Head Studs for a 3V. These are the ARP 2000 Material studs, the best you can buy. Part Number 256-4202 These are $382.69 + Delivery/Handling of $11.50 at Summit! $275 Shipped takes...
  12. ARP

1-15 of 15 Results