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  1. GT & SOHC
    Ok guy im need to this forum but not to the car seen. Iv had a few fast imports that I build up but this is my first mustang. Its a 99 mustang gt that I have had since 2012. I am a lead tech at a ford dealer in TX and know my car inside and out. I have put every bolt on possible on her, went...
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I wanna build a stroker motor for my 89 Lx im kinda leaning towards a scat 347 stroker kit. Is anyone running this stoker kit? I hear the 347 want last as long and burns oil. Either that or a 331 stroker. Im wanting this to be a street car. If I remember correctly both the scat 331 & 347 have...
  3. GT & SOHC
    Hello all. I just blew a head gasket and/or a head on my 04 GT. I've decided to go ahead and rebuild the whole motor entirely since I'm just at 100k mi. I see that ford racing is offering a 5.0 modular block now. Has anyone gone this route yet? Is it worth going for this block or boring out the...
  4. Modular Engine Parts
    Kellogg micro alloy forged 3.750" stroker crankshafts are back in stock. We have a few that aren't spoken for in the first shipment and more on the way. If you're in the market for a stroker kit, shortblock or longblock we've got what you need.
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    I am looking for COMPLETE KIT Turbo or Supercharger for a fox body Mustang . So send me pics or links or pm with what ya got also looking for a stroker kit for 351w . :lol:
1-5 of 5 Results