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  1. Drag Racing
    I'd like some expert advice on my 1995 Mustang Cobra. I've taken the car to the track once (with Bama tune only) and ran it 3 times with my best time below. R/T: .398 60': 1.884 330: 5.522 1/8: 8.502 MPH: 83.48 1/4: 13.236 MPH: 105.88 current stock items: ported stock cobra intake fuel pump...
  2. GT & SOHC
    6.125" Rods in a 2V? opinion wanted... I have 21cc probe stroker pistons and a cobra crank that I have been told will work with a 6.125" rod. The crank is not a stroker crank but it has been to the machine shop, the radai on the crank have been re-worked and balanced but I dont know what has...