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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a AEM 30-1401 EMS it's a plug and play system for 94-95 mustangs specific, comes with original box and install Cd and the needed USB to Serial cable by belkin. $450 shipped in the US! Taking out the car this weekend Message me or email me directly [email protected] will be going up on...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking to buy an Anderson PMS for an 89-93 fox. Let me know if your looking to sell one. I have paypal. Thanks. Tyler
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    SDS EM-4 efi (sold) SDS EM-4 3 bar system for Ford eec.(sold) I've had this system on my car for 8 yrs. While it is an outdated system compared to what's out now, it's been dead reliable for me and got the job done. I went 4.97 at 147 with a 347 88mm combo. Comes with injector driver for low...
  4. 94/95 Tech
    I went to a Holley HP EFI stand alone EFI in my car last summer. My biggest hesitation was that my factor dash gauges would not work and I don't want a bunch of aftermarket gauges all over the place. It has taken me a while due to other obligations, but I was able to easily get all of the...
  5. EEC Tech
    Just looking for a little base info here. Want to fuel inject my 67 stang. Wandering what stand alone harness will work for me and where to get it. Looking to use a stock a9l computer and will likely swap in the blown 302 out of my 90lx. want to stay with the maf and lose the egr altogether...
1-5 of 5 Results