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springs for sale
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  1. Suspension
    Well i ordered these a few days ago and my motor just blew out...I ordered them from SoHi Performance, but they want to make me pay a 20% restocking fee and shipping.. They fit v8 mustangs incl. cobra, but exc. convertible and all sn95 4.6 Originally bought for my 2000 mustang gt $240 shipped...
  2. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Sold my project car and have some leftover parts, not alot but thought someone could use them. front springs out of a 4cyl dash out of 93 LX- no cluster- it went with car. I think there are some small misc parts too. You name the price, hows that? I dont wanna get into shipping, but can...
  3. Suspension
    What's up guys? Like the title says, I am selling my Steeda Sport Springs for 79-04 GT's and V6s. These springs give a really nice drop, without being too low for daily driving or cars with long tube headers and such. At the very most, I'd say they have 8k miles on them, again probably not...
1-4 of 4 Results