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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I am toying with the idea of selling my engine and going a different route. It is a fully built 327 cubic inch stroker. Same as a 331 but with a standard bore. The engine has very little time on it. A handful of dyno passes, 3 track passes and about 500 street miles. Here are some specs on the...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm looking for a Dart or Sportsman 8.2" deck heigh (i.e. 302 based) bare block Preferrably it is already notched for a stroker kit and bored to 4.040 but if not I still want it. It looks to me that new these go for about 1800 or more, and I need to do a little better then that. Let me know...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a used FRP A-351 block (standard bore, everything in good shape). This is the Sportsman block Ford's catalog rated [email protected] It is a 9.5" deck (351/5.8) block and uses stock bolt locations, stock 3.00 2 bolt mains, but still darn beefy. Basically a NASCAR block without the splayed...
1-4 of 5 Results