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    I have a set of 1995 Ford Mustang spindles for sale. These are spindles needed for 5 lug/big brake conversions on Fox Mustangs. They keep the factory fox width. These come with OEM hubs with ABS rings and factory length lug studs. Cleaned up and ready for install on your Fox. Shipping is not...
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    I have a pair of 94-95 Mustang spindles for sale, they spin well. looking for 140 shipped.
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    These are in real nice shape. perfect working order. Nice for 5 lug conversion. make offer Located 06810
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    For sale: A set of 1996+ Mustang GT 5-lug front Spindles and GT calipers. Rotors are also included but need to be turned or preferably just replaced due to surface rust. Parts have been garaged the whole time. $100 OBO
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    Hello I have a set of re furbished SN95 spindles 94 to 95 non abs for sale...both are in perfect condition with new dust shields and wheel studs (factory length) ...I also think the hub bearing are new but I’m not positive I cant remember ( bought from MPS auto salvage early summer )...they spin...
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    For sale, used 96+ spindles, rotors and calipers. $75 + shipping OBO. Email [email protected] if interested. Billy
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    EDIT: These are 96-04 spindles 96-04 5 Lug Spindles/Hubs off of a 92 Notch roller I had, and a set of PBR Twin Piston Brakes (calipers, brackets, and rotors if wanted) off of an 03 GT. The GT had 30k miles on it when I bought it, and had already had Cobra brakes on it for a couple thousand...
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    Hey Guys, I know this should probably be in the "For Sale" section but I figured something like this should be in this forum first, I hope you all agree? If not, Mods, feel free to move it over there if you see fit... I have been persuaded to start offering suspension parts for Mustangs geared...
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    03 spindles, 95 calipers and brackets hoses and pads, 100 plus shipping
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    We have a couple pair of new 1994-2004 front spindles. For the part number purests, these are new and more desireable Ford F4ZZ- spindles. Just $259.99/pair... Order on-line or call... :)
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    94-04 Steeda 4 Bolt Caster & Camber Plates. Everything as it came off of my 00 GT. The two little tiny screws that go into one of the inner plates are there, but will have to be installed with needlenose pliers, since the allen head is messed up on one, no big deal, they dont go in very tight...
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    96-04 5 Lug Spindles and Dust Shields off of 03 GT, with under 30k miles on the setup. Not off of a wrecked car. Was replaced with entire 03 Cobra brake setup, only reason these were removed. $110 SHIPPED!