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  1. 94/95 Tech
    I’m fairly new to mustangs so I need some clarity on stuff. I’ve got a 1995 Mustang GT manual (t5) that I purchased almost a year ago. The whole car has been molested by previous owners and I’ve been trying to get everything working again just to be able to drive it more than 5-10 miles...
  2. General Mustang Tech
    I have a 1990 foxbody with 390 gears in it, it originally had 3.27 and I’ve been doing some digging but can’t seem to find a way to fix what the speedometer reads, I have aftermarket wheels as wheel and I was wondering if there’s a way to either get a custom gear made or what my options are, I...
  3. 20220106_204401.jpg

    140 speedo don't know if it's factory or over counter
  4. Electrical & Wiring
    Can someone tell me exactly what I have,I don't know if it's a option speedometer or aftermarket through ford ,I never saw one before so I figure I would ask the experts,thank you.
  5. General Mustang Tech
    I noticed there is some dust in my gauge cluster and thought it would be good to remove the lens and clean that inside area now that I have my car apart. Since they used rivets on the lens, is drilling them out the only way to remove and clean? If I do, how are people reattaching? Do I have to...
  6. GT & SOHC
    Hey All! I bought a 2003 GT back in June. I didn't know it at the time but it had a transmission change from the Tremec 3650 to a 3550/TKO 500/600 w/26 spline. I have no real idea what the 3550 really is. The tag is missing. So it could be a TKO 500 or 600. Anyway, it's been rebuilt like 3...
  7. General Mustang Tech
    I have a 92 foxbody. I see quite a few t-56 transmissions out of 03-04 cobras up for grabs but am not sure on how to convert the speedometer. Can anyone give any advice on how to swap the electronic speedo out to make it work with my mechanical one or any possible routes to go about making this...
  8. Interior Parts
    I have a mint condition speedo from a 03 saleen. It has 36,164 miles on it. These are super rare. Asking $480 shipped Call/text brandon if you have any questions at 704-425-3503
  9. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    We have an incredible inventory of NOS Ford 1979-1993 Mustang speedometer cables in stock!!! Tough-to-find SSP VASCAR, SVO, GT, etc. are in-stock!!! Call us with your needs!!! :)
  10. General Mustang Tech
    My speedo quit working some time ago. I just started driving the stang again so I replaced the speedo cable with a full replacement from LRS. That did nothing! I then replaced the VSS, the speedo was working for a full 3 minutes but didn't seem right. Like it was hesitant to read how fast I was...
  11. Interior Parts
    Looking to buy a 200MPH Saleen Cluster for my 89 Mustang. Right now I have the Ford Motorsports 160MPH speedometer. Would love to do a trade or partial trade + Cash if needed. Post pictures if you have one! Thanks, Nick
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    For Sale: Brand new Auto Meter Sport-Comp gauges. Taken out of package to mock up for a full aluminum dash but decided to keep original interior. Gauges were never installed. What I have: 2 5/8" Gauges: Water Temp: Part #3431.............SOLD Oil Pressure: Part #3421.............$38 Fuel...
  13. General Mustang Tech
    Hey all, I am looking for info about swapping to an aftermarket speedo. I have a 1990 GT 5 speed with a 140 mph speedo. The Auto Meter is a 120 mph. I have done some research but cannot seem to find what gear I should use in the transmission. I currently have a 19 tooth drive gear and an 8...
  14. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    I purchased this speedometer about a year ago without realizing it was a relabeled 85 MPH that was recalibrated. If you are looking for a full authentic Motorsport piece, this is NOT it. But if you are looking for a 140 to put in your driver, this is A-OK. I am looking for exactly what I...
  15. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a brand new in box dallas mustang speed cal. It is for 99-04 manual cars or 96-98 autos I believe. It corrects the speedometer and odometer after swapping gears. I am looking for 80 obo. Also willing to trade for black or laser red hood scoop, short throw shifter for T-45, or a really...
1-20 of 26 Results