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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Anyone use Motorcraft wires in a performance application? Whats your experience with them?
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I just got my new Performance Distributers Live Wires in today and felt the need to advertise the initial thoughts, incase anyone is searching for a new set. I’m so surprised by them, I had to jump on here and tell you all about them. Right off the bat, these are THE highest quality spark...
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    So I pulled one of a spark plug out and the bottom part looks very black. I’m assuming that’s not how it supposed to be. So I need help on that... like what’s the problem and how to fix it? second problem that I’m seeing is coolant that seemed like it was around the oil pan. I cleaned and...
  4. S197 Mustang (2005-2010) Next up in S197 repair and maintenance series-- and in depth review and demonstration of 2005-2008 Ford 2 piece Spark Plug Removal.
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey guys, I noticed my spark plug boot was burnt onto my turbo manifold the other day and I had a crazy misfire. I managed to get the wire off and put a 90 degree boot on it. It seemed a little better but it's still VERY CLOSE To the manifold. Pretty much touching it. Do they make shorty style...
  6. Modular Engine Parts
    Have some mustang parts for sale 96-98 NPI Intake manifold with thermostat and o ring has been ran for about a year no cracks or anything, in perfect working condition $60 PI cams from 2004 Romeo heads $90 99-04 PI head gaskets brand new $30 96-04 oil dipstick tube $10 8 Bosch irduim sparks...
  7. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey All, Have a quick question for you guys. What plugs, heat range and gap do you suggest should I use with an 87 Stang w/ HP Turbo Kit (stage 1 kit). Its running at 8lbs of boost. I'd like to change them out tomorrow. I just pulled 4 plugs, they are autolites 23's gapped at roughly 35...
1-8 of 8 Results