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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a custom Cam Motion solid roller cam that is designed for big inch stroker Windsors. The specs on the cam is .674/.656, 267/276, 110. It would work great in 393"-421" sbf applications. It's cut on a billet core. It works great NA and also performs very well on nitrous! I went 5.40's in...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a custom CompCams Nitrous cam for 393-421 sbf. Was spec'd out by MMERacing. The specs w/1.6 roller rockers are .697/.702, 267/280, 114. It's designed for a decent shot of nitrous and has some aggressive lobes and ramp speeds! It's cut on a billet core. Has 20 1/8 mile passes on it. Went...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    354" SBF Short block: 8.2 deck A4 Motorsports block, HTC 4340 crank, Eagle H beam rods, JE 9cc dome nitrous pistons, .700 lift Comp solid roller nitrous grind cam, Comp .904 Chrysler link bar lifters, all ARP hardware, 7 qt. pan with pickup, SFI balancer and flex plate, new rings, new bearings...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a Crane Cams solid roller cam for sale. It came out of my 13.0 compression 421ci sbf w/ported RHS 125 heads, Ported super vic intake and Pro-systems 1000 carb. I never made it to the track with this setup but my engine builder...MMERacing...said this cam in a very similar setup made 676...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    This cam is brand new, never even mocked up. Fits standard small block Ford cam bearings (not roller cam bearings). This cam was designed for a 10:1 compression 349cid SBF with TFS R heads, Super Victor intake, and a 94mm turbo. I needed a cam for 55mm roller cam bearings, so I "ate" this one...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    Comp Cams sold roller cam for small block Ford. 55mm X 5 journals for roller cam bearings. .673 lift with 1.6 rockers, or .716 with 1.7's (.421 lobe lift). @ .050 duration 252 int 254 exh. Advertised duration 288/290. 115 lobe seperation Recommended cam lash .020/.020 Comp grind...
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a brand new retro comp cam solid roller part number is 35-000-8rf asking 250.00 over 300 new
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    Comp cams solid roller part number 35-769-8 also known as a XR-268 R-10. Specs are 230/236 .589/.602 110*LSA. Have the cam card. I bought it new and ran it for less than 100 miles and swapped to hydraulic roller cuz its more quiet for my street car. $150 shipped. Thanks Corral, SG.
1-8 of 8 Results