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  1. Rims Wheels and Tires
    15" x 12" Billet Specialties wheels, powdercoated black, 5 x 4.5" b.p., 8" b.s. They have 28x10.50 ET Drags with tubes on them with a hand full of passes. $750 obo, or $500 for just the wheels I also have a pair of Weld Alumastar front runners powdercoated black with MT 26x4.5 15's on them if...
  2. Drag Racing
    Hey, I have a 5.4 dohc with a stock longblock, t-45, stock suspension (for now) and 3.73 gears. what would be some good, reasonably priced drag slicks for a set-up like mine. I am going to probably be putting them on 15x10 aluminum rims. are there certain brands that are better or more durable...
  3. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I have a set of 4 lug Draglites in great shape, 15" x 3.5" fronts, nearly new Kumho front runner tires, 15" x 10" rears with a 6.5" backspace, M/T 28" x 11.50" ET Streets (with tubes) with 75% tread left . Rear wheels are drilled for screws. $500 for the wheels with lug nuts and center caps...
  4. Rims Wheels and Tires
    FS 28/11.5/16 Hoosier QTP on 5 lug wheels I bought these new and have only put 10 passes on them. They really worked well, dropped .3 on 1/4 time vs 275/45/17 MT DR. The rims are 16x7.5 wide, stock silver mustang 5 star. If you would prefer to have them dismounted, I can do that too. I...
  5. Rims Wheels and Tires
  6. Rims Wheels and Tires
    16in 4lug alt 5spoke wheels w/tires 450 i have a set of 4lug alt 5spoke wheels with like new fronts and rear mt et sreet radials 265-60-16 on the rear they have a couple passes left on them looking for $450 call 978-395-1255 chris email [email protected] email goes direct to phone
1-6 of 7 Results